Cryptobots intro
Official CryptoBots Whitepaper, last updated February 2022


The king is back, baby!
We at Playneta studios created Cryptobots in 2017 with a mission to bring real ownership to games.
Utilizing our exceptional expertise, we wasted no time developing the world's most engaging gameplay yielding unmatched real-world rewards.
With all the latest advancements, we’re bringing forward Cryptobots Metaverse: a gaming experience of galactic proportions!
The game evolves and expands on the core concept, shifting from the core gameplay that people love to a space strategy sim with multi-level alliances, wars, power struggles, resource markets, and most importantly real ownership and economy.
Using the tried-and-true formulas from our popular games, our vast expertise in game dev, and operating a crypto game along with the breakthroughs in blockchain technologies we act on the verge of a whole new paradigm of gaming.

Playneta core competencies

Our expertise is unmatched: we’ve been working on profitable games since 2016 making over 100 MLN people happy in this short time. We learned a lot about performance marketing and user acquisition, such competencies can’t be bought and crypto game development teams are yet to learn them.
Cryptobots was the first play to earn game of its type in 2017, and we’ve been successfully operating it ever since. To create an even more engaging and deep gaming experience we are planning a major update to Cryptobots.
We are developing this expansion of Cryptobots together with Playkot founder: developers of top grossing games on the App Store!

Aim of this paper

We’ve created this description for players, enthusiasts, and people looking to enter play to earn space to get familiar with our game and be ready to jump into the extended release!
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