Consumables and Resources

Consumables are a large pool of various items that players need to manage to be successful.

Consumables include breeding modifiers, boosters, and other power-ups. Resources are ore, fuel and other in-game resources that can be acquired through mining. They are expended in discovery and arena battles by individual players and in meta-game activities by Alliances.

Modifiers and boosters are used to shift the result of Bot and ship upgrades and speed up player progress. Both of these asset types impact p2p and p2e activities deeply, utilizing them in high quantity causes the battle gameplay and Bot requirements to change and evolve at an ever changing pace depending on the player numbers. This is an important auto-balancing feature of the entire economy.

Consumables and resources balance out the game economy additionally leveling the risk and reward of missions and battles. These items are an integral part of most in-game activities: discovery, merging, fusing, shipbuilding, and operation, all require consumables. They create a matrix of requirements, shifting players to activities of acquiring, trading, or producing consumables.

This can be illustrated well by the Alliance activities. As an Alliance grows and expands it needs to spend more and more consumables and resources to expand their influence. However, their more advanced discovery missions and fleets can discover increasingly rare and valuable rewards compared to a single player, such as entirely new bots, parts, and ships.

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