End Game Activities

CryptoBots economy operates in two major areas: battle gameplay and all its supporting systems and galactic economy.

Battle economy includes bots, ships, their management, and correlating services.

The galactic economy is rooted in production and includes planets, lands, services.

Both systems include respective player activities and yield rewards. They are tied together by the interoperability of in-game assets and marketplaces.

Social gameplay, therefore, encompasses all these activities to multiply the player’s influence over the in-game world and the level of rewards. Social gameplay takes the shape of in-game DAOs called Alliances.

To enter or create an Alliance, a player needs to utilize a governance token. To get a vote in the Alliance’s affairs players will need to stake several governance tokens correlating to the Alliance size and their position in an Alliance.

Operating an Alliance will require spending both tokens and staking governance token as it is both a social and an economical organization.

Alliance activities

  • Alliance battles: Alliances can battle each other over territories, and only they can enter battles with each other.

  • Planetary ownership and mining: Alliances can own planets and organize mining along with their respective supply chain.

  • Inhabiting planets: an Alliance can manage to inhabit a planet and create mining bonuses for inhabited planets.

  • Alliance discovery missions: the highest rewards are found in the deepest ends of the galaxy. But the lucky ones will change their life forever.

  • Scholarships: members can put Bots in Alliance NFT vault for others to rent for free, with the profits then split between the player and holder.

  • Resource management: With Lands update, Alliances will be able to delegate certain tasks to members to speed up the process—one member will mine, others will manufacture, others will sell and the profits will then be split between all parties involved

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