Vote Locking

BITS holders can vote-lock their tokens in the Cryptobots economy - stakers get 50% of all in-game fees from the trasury and receive a boost the battle rewards.

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Vote-locking rules:

  • Vote lock is separate from utilizing token staking for in-game activities.

  • The longer the staking time and amount, the higher the BITS returns.

  • When players vote-lock their BITS they get VeBITS token which reflects the player's portion of the pool. VeBITS can not be transferred and is tied to only the staker's wallet.

  • Staking is linear - the vote-locker receives 250 VeBits for staking 1000 BITS for a year and receives 1000 VeBits when staking for 4 years.

  • Rewards update daily, with the entire accumulated pool for the previous day being distributed among the veBITS holders in proportion to their share.

  • BITS rewards are not transferred to the player's wallet and have to be claimed.

  • By participating in vote-locking players can boost their battle rewards - owning 0.5%+ of the total current vote-locking pool gives players a 50% boost to battle rewards.

  • During the staking period, the amount of VeBITS decreases, reaching zero at the end of the staking period.

  • At the end of the steaking period, veBITS are destroyed and the player can claim their initially locked BITS back. Staker can not take the initially locked BITS back from the pool until the end of the sticking period but can claim the rewards.

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