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Utility Token (OIL)

The in-game token is a system to support everyday player activities. In arenas, OIL is granted for victories and achievements.
The in-game token can act as a balancing factor to the economy when a new type of asset is discovered or new types of gameplay emerge.
OIL is minted through daily quests and arena fights and acts as a pre-requisite to value-increase activities. To perform such activities as breeding or ship construction players will need to spend a large number of OIL.
Bot merging and upgrade fees are paid using the OIL. Every Bot improvement requires players to spend a certain amount of in-game tokens. This amount increases with each improvement done to a particular bot.
As an example, a player will mint enough through constant arena participation to upgrade and breed their main roster of bots. In case they wish to make it their primary in-game income to breed bots they will have to participate in the economy by purchasing a surplus of the in-game tokens.