Alliances open a whole new set of features and bonuses for player! For example, you get permanently increased battle rewards and access to scholarships for simply joining an Alliance!

Alliance benefits for Leader and Member

The game offers countless bonuses and rewards players for joining an Alliance and being a leader—explore all nonuses in the pic below!

How to create an Alliance?

Go to the Cryptobots Game main menu and click Create Alliance. When creating an Alliance, the leader has to stake a creation fee in BITS and sets:

  • Alliance name (6-32) characters

  • Alliance tag (3-6) characters (unique)

  • Alliance codex

  • Indicates links to discord

How to join an Alliance?

Go to the main menu and select Alliances. Players need to stake 1000 BITS to join an Alliance (Staked BITS will return when leaving the Alliance)

Select an Alliance that you want to join and click “Send a request” - you have 2 options from here. You can either stake 1000 BITS for yourself, or select “Scholarship” and the leader wil pay the fees for you (requires an approval from the leader).

If you stake your own fees you will get them back when leaving the Alliance.

How to accept members as Alliance Leader?

If the player did not stake the enty fee of 1000 BITS, a leader has an option to stake the entry fees for him.

To see all requests, go to your Alliance page and click on "Activity" tab.

After an approval, click on "Stake" to stake the entry fee for the member (you can kick the member at any time and the entry fee will return back to you immidiately)

Click "Stake" to complete accepting the request. New member will be added to your Alliance shortly.

Increasing Alliance size

Alliances have a limit of 100 members which can be increased with the Lands update that will bring buildings to boost the member count.

Disbanding the Alliance

The leader can disband the Alliance and get the staked entry fees back.

Leaving the Alliance

Player can leave the Alliance at any time and get the staked entry fees back.

Removing a player from an Alliance

The leader of the Alliance can remove the player from the Alliance (player or leader gets the staked entry fees back).

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