Battle Rewards

Players are rewarded with IOL in-game token for every battle victory—those rewards may be significantly boosted by certain activities.

How many times can I win in-game rewards?

Every player has 20 daily tries to win 10 rewardable battles. This works for both, Bots and Spaceship fights and the winner conts are separated—you can get 10 rewardable wins for Bots fights and then get 10 rewardable Spaceship Battles.

What happens when I lose?

Your Bots are damaged. When the durability stat reaches zero Bots can not be used for battles.

Which kind of rewards can I win?

The rewards for battles are received in OIL utility tokens.

How to earn maximum rewards?

💰 Main Reward: The core reward is multiplied by the Battle Multiplier and this amount serves as a base reward for all further battle bonuses. Battle Multiplier can be increased by winning consecutive battles and ranges x1-x2.

🚩 Alliance Bonus: Simply join any Alliance to get this bonus. Another huge benefit of joining an Alliance is participation in a $50,000 Alliance tournament!

🏆 League Bonus: There are two leagues in Cryptobots - Silver and Gold. Gain over 400 glory points to be in the Gold league and get a maximum bonus. Players receive glory points after every battle.

🔒 Vote-lock bonus: Stake BITS tokens on the Vote-locking page to receive this bonus. Players must stake >0.5% of the total pool for this bonus to be active.

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