Cryptobots Manufacturing

If you have at least 2 bots, you can manufacture new ones using their schematics. That way, you can combine better qualities of your bots to hopefully create an even better bot.

To make it happen, choose 2 bots that aren’t close relations. Also, if you had done this already, those bots need some time to rest--choose different ones.

The manufacturing process of making new Bots costs OIL and MATIC tokens.

Tap the Manufacture button when you’re ready.


You will be able to collect the new Bot after some time when the internal components are ready. Do it and see what kind of new Bot did you create!

Gene inherit rules

When you manufacture a new Bot from two others, it will inherit some of its parent's qualities—the combination of their parts to be exact

There is also an imprint of parts that may have been in their predecessors. Their genes may be present in your new Bot. To avoid surprises, get Bots with a high Data Clarity rating.

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