Cryptobots Skills

This section breaks down the all types of Cryptobots abilities, power required to unlock them, all models and status effects.

Types of Skills

There are four types of Skills:

  • Basic skill: a skill you can always choose on your turn.

  • Advanced skill: powerful skills that cost energy to use. Energy replenishes with time.

  • Ultimate skill: a super-effective skill that costs a lot of energy. Only bots with high Power stats have Ultimate skills.

  • Passive skill: activates automatically

How to unlock stronger skills?

Power determines which Skills are unlocked and their level. All Bots start with 30 Power.

  • Basic skill upgrades at 32 Power and again at 51 Power

  • Advanced skill upgrades at 44 Power and again at 65 Power

  • Reach 58 Power to unlock the Ultimate skill

  • Ultimate skill upgrades at 86 Power

  • Reach 32 Power to unlock Passive skill

  • Passive skill upgrades at 65 Power and again at 100 Power


The combination of parts that make up the Bot determines its model. Each has its own combat stats and combat skills and interacts uniquely with other Bots' strategies. There are more than 25 possible models.

Status Effects

Some skills inflict harmful effects on enemies, and some can grant beneficial effects to your Bot or its allies. These are called statutes.

There are three main types of statuses:

  • Modifiers that change stats—raise them for allies or lower them for enemies. They stay in place for a number of turns. E.g. Attack Boost.

  • Overtime effects that reduce or restore Bothealth over time. They also stay active for a number of turns. E.g. Self Repair.

  • Reactions that activate conditionally. They have a set limit of activations. E.g. Auto Block.

There are other statuses that defy classification, such as Stun which prevents the Bot from acting, or Security which prevents new inflictions of harmful statuses on the Bot. Like most statuses, they stay on the Bot for a number of turns.

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