Cryptobots Stats

This section covers the Cryptobots battle stats, breaks down how each stat affects their battle performance, and explains what determines each parameter.

Battle Classes

Consider getting 3 Bots that make a great combat team. That way they will provide you additional value as they win battles.

All Bots are divided into 5 classes:

  • Assault: Extremely high damage, no defense

  • SpecOp: A balanced high damage class with moderate defense and varied skill set

  • SecOp: High defense, can draw enemy attacks

  • IntOp: Interferes with enemy strategy

  • CleanOp: Boosts allies

Assault and SpecOps deal heavy damage, but can’t take many hits. Your team will survive longer with at least one SecOp or IntOp to cover your attackers, or a CleanOp to repair them. If you compose your team from heavy damage dealers only, they will only provide a few rounds of the combined damage output before they’re defeated. Most opponents will have defenses in place to survive the burst. It’s advisable that you have them too. It’s also a good practice to study winning teams to learn from their strategies.

To give you a few ideas:

  • Assault + Assault + SecOp provides 2/3 damage output of a pure attack team, but lasts twice as long thanks to the SecOp’s ability to draw and withstand enemy fire, adding up to higher total damage in the end.

  • SpecOp + SpecOp + CleanOp doesn’t have an obvious weak spot, as SpecOps can somewhat hold their own against attacks, and a CleanOp can usually repair itself as well as its teammates.

  • Assault + SpecOp + IntOp has great range to adapt to any enemy strategy, able to hit with high damage, raise defenses or exploit enemy’s weak spots.

  • Assault + SecOp +CleanOp is a slow and steady team that’s very resilient, but not quick at dishing out damage. It’s the best combination to absorb the burst of a pure attack team and snipe them one by one by its own damage output.

Within the five classes, each Bot model has its own combat actions. Some just go together; it’s up to you to notice which Bots' actions compliment each other for powerful battle combos. There might be specialized teams made from specific models of damage dealers or defenders that are viable against balanced teams. You may be the person to discover them.

Here are a simple example of complimentary models:

  • The Titanium model is all about boosting allies and taking a bullet for them. It’s able to do this thanks to Regeneration and Taunt status effects.

  • However, it doesn’t contribute much to the damage output. To balance its abilities, you can put it with two “glass cannon” type models such as Gloom and Killbot.

Another factor is the kind of parts that make up the bot. They’re not just for the looks! Some parts are of a higher tier than others and increase the bot’s battle stats. If you have a choice between two similar Bots, pick the one whose stats better align with its combat role: for example, pick the SpecOp with the higher Damage stat.

Primary and secondary stats

Each Bot has primary and secondary stats.

The primary stats include Power, HP, Armor, and Damage.

Power is an overall stat that reflects the combined power of your Bot.

Armor determines the defense against the enemy attacks, Damage is your attack output and Health is the overall health points of your Bot. The primary stats are defined by all Bot’s current body parts and their main distinctive feature is that primary stats increase when upgrading the Bot.

Secondary stats, on the other hand, are determined by the Bot’s model right on the manufacturing stage and can not be upgraded. Lets break down the secondary stats:

Crit Chance gives you a chance to deal more damage when attacking and Crit Damage gives you a damage bonus on a critical hit.

Speed determines the order in which the Bots will take turns in the arena—the higher the speed the earlier it will be your turn to attack.

Focus increases the chance to inflict a harmful status on an enemy.

Resistance increases the chance to resist a harmful status.

Dodge Chance gives you an opportunity to avoid an incoming attack.

Block Chance is the chance to reduce the damage of an incoming attack.

Block Amount is the portion of incoming damage ignored when blocking.

Accuracy is the chance to hit when attacking. For most models, the accuracy is 100%.

Body Parts

Every Botconsists of 7 body parts:

  • Head and Body

  • Eyes

  • Antenna (may be absent for some Bots)

  • Ears

  • Arms

  • Mask

  • Legs


On top of the stats, every Botalso has a “corporation”—this is defined by one of 3 corporations that produce all Bots—Faraday, Tormund, and Hyperion.

The key concept to understand about the corporations is that Bots from certain corporations have higher damage and stronger armor resistance against Bots from other specific corporations—Hyperion is better against Tormund, Tormund is better against Faraday, and Faraday is great to fight Hyperion.

The corporation is another stat to consider when assembling the team you can make the team more balanced by choosing Bots from all 3 corps, or stick to one and be super effective against the corporation of your choosing.


Many Bots also have Synergy — it is a special stat defined by the Antenna body part.

Note that not all Bots with the Antenna have the Synergy tag - it is present for only 20% of Bots with the Antenna.

If two or more Bots in your squad have the same synergy tag, it will give you a certain battle boost.

There are three Synergy tags:

  • Invader

  • Bio-tech

  • Magnetic

The possible enhancements from the synergy include:

  • Increased chance of positive effects

  • The effect becomes unavoidable

  • An additional bonus is granted per Synergy ally

  • and more!

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