Spaceship Manufacturing

Spaceships can be manufactured by fusing the Cryptobots - the Bots get destroyed in the process but create an entirely new Spaceship from their parts.

To start the fusing process, go to your inventory, select a Bot and click “Fuse”.

Then select the Bots that you want to fuse for parts - the higher the tier, the more fusing points the body part will give.

Tier-2 part gives 3 points.

Tier-1 part gives 2 points.

Tier-0 part gives 1 point.

Bots with body parts made by a certain corporation contribute to one of 3 possible Spaceship classes and only add points to this class.

Hyperion parts contribute to the Destroyer class.

Faraday parts contribute to the Defender class.

Tormund parts contribute to the Support class.

When you have enough points to make a ship pay the fees and the ship will be manufactured.

All unused body parts from the unused classes are burned, but players can create multiple ships with different classes in one fuse operation.

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