Stage 1: Basics

The journey begins with getting familiar with the universe.


A vast wiki is available thanks to our team running the game for a while. All the data on current gameplay and meta can be found there. It will not only be updated by the team, but by the players discovering new things as well.


The most effective way of entering the game is to find an Alliance and enter a scholarship program. The scholarship program temporarily provides Bots to players in exchange for completing quests and part of their earnings.

In case a player is unable to create a starting roster of Bots they can rent a team on special conditions. Scholarship conditions are held in a smart contract excluding any post-agreement tampering or altering.

In Cryptobots, Scholarships work as an Alliance mechanic and are based on Alliance Vaults — members drop their Bots into an NFT vault for their Alliance mates to borrow and earn with.


A marketplace is the core of the game’s economic cycle. Players can always acquire bots, resources, spaceships, and all other assets on the marketplace. The sales are peer-to-peer meaning when conducting a deal players do not purchase items from the game developer or a publisher but deal with other players just like them.


The Cryptobots project started in 2017 with an original Cryptobots game and a Classic Cryptobots collection which is now praised for its historic value as one of the first p2e collections on the market.

In 2022, we’ve released a massive update, which, due to the complete revamp of all systems and countless new features, should be considered as a separate game rather than a continuation of the 2017 release.

These are the basic systems allowing one to enter the game. To recap: you learn in a database, so you can make informed decisions. Using that knowledge, you can either buy a roster of bots on the marketplace or enter the scholarship program to rent a roster for free to begin your adventures.

Now that you’re all up to speed on how you can begin, it’s time to dive into the teams and bots.

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