Stage 2: Rosters

To begin playing the game you need a starting Bot roster. A starting roster consists of 3 bots.

Bots properties

Every Bot consists of 7 body parts:

  1. Head and Body

  2. Eyes

  3. Antenna (may be absent for some Bots)

  4. Ears

  5. Arms

  6. Mask

  7. Legs

Primary statistics such as HP, Armor, and Damage are prerequisites to participate in battles.

Speed, accuracy, initiative, and other secondary stats are traits that should be considered on a tactical level when entering a battle. They may influence how much damage can bots effectively deal through a combination of raw damage, landing blows, or crits.

Battle abilities allow bots to turn the tides of battle uniquely by dealing extra damage or restoring health.

Non-battle abilities may influence what kind of attributes rosters have outside the arena such as extended rewards, faster healing, or enhanced other attributes.

Bot synergy

Bots with the antenna possess a synergy parameter. Right after being created, bots establish synergy with other bots. Synergy is a passive quality of a bot. As an example, bots' damage stats can be enhanced by working in a roster together with bots created by a specific company. Synergy is non-transferable at manufacturing and is generated at the same moment a Botis created.

Synergies make players carefully consider their approach to team composition when engaging in battle.

Bot parts

Within a technocratic universe like ours, galactic megacorporations’ rule. There are 3 corporations that manufacture bots and parts you get to use—Faraday, Hyperion, and Tormund, all of them having various stats and bonuses.

The corporation is defined by the color of the Bot’s head and body.

These conditions may directly influence gameplay. For example, bots produced by one corporation deal extensive damage to a rival corporation’s bots.

Aside from being produced by a particular corporation, bots are also differentiated by their power and upgrade level. When upgrading, the Bot’s overall power stat increases—when reaching certail level it unlocks new skills and adds more power to the existing ones.

These stats are made public, so everyone can always see what is stacked against them. You can also see all the unique attributes.

Manufacturing and ships

Bots are created through a manufacturing process. Connecting two bots creates a new bot. The old bots will remain in the inventory but create an entirely new one based on their characteristics.

A new Botinherits some of the parent traits with a set of certain chances. Extremely high-tier bots will produce offspring with corresponding features. Manufacturing consumes a significant amount of resources proportional to the Bottier and the number of manufacturing processes a Bothas gone through before.

To move your bots from planet to planet you will need a Spaceship. A ship is created by merging bots. In this case, the bots are destroyed but create a new type of value: a ship. Ships help users travel between planets for resources and participate in space battles. Ships can also be upgraded by fusing new bots.

With your roster assembled, you can enter the arenas and battle.

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