Stage 3: Core gameplay

The core gameplay consists of traveling planets and acquiring resources. Most of the resources are acquired through a battle system.


Arenas are where players fight each other. There are various rule sets for PvP battles. However, they are always played by two players with a pre-chosen Botroster.

Along with the reward for the win, the winner receives rating points and increases matchmaking ratings. The losing side will never lose bots in the battle, however, the Bots will be damaged.

The amount of rating points depends on the current division and placement of the players.

Player alliances

Players can establish Alliances and join them. Alliances are the DAOs of Cryptobots universe. Alliances can be created by anyone, but they require a stake to establish. Every Alliance can have various entry conditions, fees, and regulations. Players are free to establish their internal Alliance procedures.

To create an Alliance, a player will need to stake a certain amount of BITS. Players then choose logo, names, define the internal structure and select new members from applications.

In the upcoming updates, Alliances will receive an update with intergalactic battles—players utilize their ships to wage war in space. Alliances will be able to create tournaments in their name and set rewards.

Alliances are our general name for a range of organizations. Alliances can take the shape of economic unions or organizations seeking specific political goals.

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