Genesis Bots Staking Rewards

Unlocking of BITS token rewards for Genesis Bots Staking and Testnet
We would like to thank you for your long commitment to the Cryptobots project and trust. With the Testnet Season 2 finished in September and the Genesis Cryptobots staking program finished on the game launch, we would like to make the rules of unlocking these tokens clear.
Due to the bad market condition, we expect a limited demand for the tokens on the game launch but a gradual growth of this demand as our project develops and the user base develops.
We a deeply concerned about the token price and returns for the early supporters and the new users that are tied to the token price. We also expect our project to unfold over time and have set our own (team and founders) unlocks to start only about a year from now and to last for two years more. We are strong believers as we are developing the project since 2017. We are also very much focused on building a sustainable economy that is based on reasonable supply and solid demand.
Combining all this and the interests of the Cryptobots community we are sure that the best way to unlock the BITS token rewards from the staking program and Testnet will be to align them to the user base growth and demand for the token so that the price of the token doesn’t sink and the returns are controlled. We believe that it is both in the interest of the BITS holders and the players of the games to have a stable governance token that also attracts more investors and players and provides opportunities for earning on it.
We are starting the distribution system for staking and testnet rewards with a 3-month lock and a 9-month vesting period. The vesting may be speeded up proportionally to the growth of the active player base and demand for the token.
Soon we will deploy a UI for the vesting contract, but you can already check the rewards locked on your address through the vesting contract (Contract -> Read Contract -> getWalletInfo):
This also includes the rewards for giveaways, quizzes and other events.
Hope for your understanding and trust in what we are doing.
Last modified 1mo ago