Governance token (BITS)
The lifeblood and the main in-game trading vehicle.
Limited quantity token that can be acquired for performing in-game activities or as a payment for goods. This token is set to be used in in-game player-driven DAOs and as a requirement to participate in end-game content.
This token is utilized in p2p trading, in-game rewards for leaderboards and staking.
Merging or upgrading operation requires a governance token fee. This includes fees for both bot manipulation and ship creation. Players will fuse a number of bots together to create more powerful ones. To create a ship players will also need to fuse several bots correlating to the ship’s features. More powerful ships require more bots. Governance token fee increase along with the number of bots and ship power.
In-game trades or payments, be it a p2p payment for services or a marketplace purchase, includes an underlying fee paid in the governance token.
While moving from bots to ships is the evolution of the battle system, socially the end game is in-game DAOs: alliances.
Governance token is what makes the meta-content and social aspects of the gameplay work as intended while providing players with complete influence over how the in-game world develops.
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