Vote lock
Governance token holders can vote lock their tokens in the Cryptobots economy and receive additional tokens. Lock duration increases the in-game rewards with maximum staking duration allowing for in-game bonuses in the amount of up to 4x time the stake. To compensate the vote-locking players, 50% of all trading fees will be placed into the vote lock reward pool. This allows player to participate in voting on galaxy-wide matters as well as increase their chances for higher in-game rewards.
By participating in vote locking players can boost their rewards as well as get themselves involved in every decision made about the Cryptobots future. Such decisions can include the rarity of discovery or new NFT types.
Vote lock is separate from utilizing token staking for in-game activities.
On the gameplay side, vote locking can create opportunistic situations where an alliance with an excess of resources might profit greatly from pushing this resource to the market or withholding it through gaining a majority in a correlating vote.
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