Key features

We challenge the play2earn games' economic vulnerability by focusing on building a truly sustainable in-game economy based on disruptive innovations in token utilization, in-game roles, and life cycles that allow a much bigger game economy and in-game market. We will leverage it by expanding the user base thanks to the easiest onboarding features and traditional mobile user acquisition.

Robust, sustainable, community-driven economy

  • Cryptobots economy is designed to foster utilizing NFTs for gameplay and holding rather than simply trading them. This approach allows the game mechanics to be the primary driver of user engagement. A great variety of NFT types ensures enormous possibilities for economic expansion. NFTs come in forms like bots, ships, lands, planets, licenses, and consumables. All of them are tied to a game mechanic making them an integral part of the game. This economy design is built to significantly incentivize gameplay and item utilization in-game.

  • Owning NFTs carries significant in-game benefits for the player as they tick every box in the list of player motivations. Types of gaming motivation:

    • Exploration (discovery, collecting)

    • Social (status, competing against others, working with others)

    • Mastery (improving skills, completing milestones)

    • Expression (customization, role-playing) Management (strategic planning, resource optimization)

  • Cryptobots will offer a unique feature for p2e games that introduce new content into the game: value discovery. Users will discover new types of content (new bots, ships, technologies, resources, and planets) while exploring space or in laboratories. These new gameplay items can be replicated as an NFT and introduced into the in-game economy.

  • Cryptobots will have in-game governance through pooling governance tokens. To create an Alliance (an in-game clan)players will need to use a certain amount of governance tokens correlating to the number of clan members (which gives the player a vote in the Clan DAO). To obtain licenses for service provision (trainers clubs, marketplaces, content creation) players will also need to own governance tokens.

  • Upgrade features for Bots NFT supply. Bot NFTs can be upgraded in three ways:

    • Bot upgrades: specific Botparts can be improved by utilizing weaker Bots.

    • Bot Fuse: players can fuse bots together to create a spaceship.


We’ve designed a set of tools that will allow low-cost entry for new players: built-in scholarship and bots rent. These tools exist to lower the entry barriers for our audience.

In Cryptobots you will be able to sign on and acquire rent bots without overcoming any significant financial barrier. Players can also join a built-in scholarship for free. On the other end, it increases the demand for NFTs in-game.

Another way to increase accessibility is to make the game multichain by design and have the ability to roll it out to every major EVM-compatible chain.

And to gain full availability both on mobile and desktop we’ve decided to implement the game via HTML5 and PWA technology and then advance to Google Play and App Store.

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