Genesis collection

Genesis collection becomes the Cryptobots launchpad.

This is where it all begins: battles, exploration and gameplay.

Genesis collection is a seed from which the Сryptobots universe will grow. It's owners will beсome the core player audience.

People who stake a starting roster of at least 3 bots before the release will receive all the supplies to shape the universe. These players will craft their destiny with governance tokens provided for them pre-release.

Genesis is a quality for a limited amount of bots sold in February 2022. These bots are the foundation that will produce all the other bots in the years to come.

The genesis collection is a product of three corporations working together. They aren't the only ones in business, but their creations did began it all:

Parts matrixBodyAerialsEyesEarsArmsLegsMask

Tier 0

Not available

Tier 1

Tier 2

Chance to get any Tier 0 part - 82%

Chance to get any Tier 1 part - 12%

Chance to get any Tier 2 part - 6%

Current pre-sale will feature bots in various tiers that influence bot efficiency and cost.

Other tiers will not be developed and introduced by the developers but rather discovered by players. As the battles rage and discovery new parts will become common through player production activities.

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