Economy Actors

A key to the inner workings of the multi-token economic system is the interoperability of in-game items. To ensure everything works smoothly, CryptoBots underpin various in-game entities with NFTs.

There are two major groups of NFTs:

  • Real estate: planets, lands, service licenses

  • Items: bots, ships, equipment for ships


Planets are the primary entities in the Cryptobots galaxy. They are the primary exploration discoveries and are owned by players.

Generally, a planet would be under Alliance control since planetary ownership is a costly operation. Planetary ownership requires governance tokens spend to operate and inhabit the planet , and in return for that, planets generate several resources and usable lands.


New planets are barren and offer no advantage without the infrastructure. Alliances can make them inhabitable by creating infrastructure and token staking.

Staking unlocks a complete set of entities while performing Alliance exploration through token spend updates token sets on a seasonal basis.

In case planets are not maintained, other Alliances can take note and try to attack the planet and claim it for themselves.


Mining is a very important player activity as it brings new value to the economy.

After the player, or an Alliance, choose the resource to mine, they will need to engage in consumable extraction.

Personal and Alliance mining differs in what type of consumables it can yield.


Lands are parts of the planets with specific attributes. Lands are planetary parts where services and production can exist.

It is not just a new type of asset, but a whole new gameplay layer that significantly broadens your opportunities to play and earn.

Lands can be used to set up in-game mining for resources, production operations to manufacture consumables and boosters, assigned to provide services, and build multiple structures that give benefits to your Alliance.

The lands are distributed among the players through tournament participation, marketplace purchase, prize delivery, or battles.

Lands are parts of a bigger space entity – planets.


To perform said services a player needs an in-game service license.

Services are an important part of the meta-game: these are the p2p economic ties of the players. There isn’t a fixed number of services present with new ones being added as the game develops.

To open up a service players will need to own land, utilize governance tokens, and build a service building with resources and in-game tokens.


Bots are the main core gameplay item. Bots fight in the arenas controlled by the player.

Bots consist of 7 parts that define traits and abilities. Every part has its tier defining its power level. However, synergies of parts can be more powerful than individual parts themselves.

Each part is manufactured by a separate manufacturer, which alters the defining traits of the part.

Bots can synergize within a team which provides passive bonuses.

Parts can be upgraded and reach a higher tier. Reaching the highest tier of a part requires selective merging, extensive discovery, and resources.

Bots can be acquired by:

  • Purchasing on a marketplace

  • Merging other bots to manufacture a new one

  • Scholarships

Bots can be upgraded in the following ways:

  • Bot upgrades: specific Bot parts can be improved by utilizing other Bots for partsBot Fuse: players can fuse bots to create a spaceship.

  • Bot Fuse: players can fuse bots to create a spaceship.


Ships are a primary entity used to traverse the vastness of space. They are the next step in upgrading BotNFTs.

Ships are acquired by fusing bots. Ships also consist of 7 parts. They have the same design as Botparts and several manufacturers as well.

Ships are more powerful than bots and can be equipped with additional equipment in respective slots. Additional equipment comes in the form of shields, armaments, engines, or software improvements. Equipment can be bought or scavenged.

Ships can be used for space battles and discovery. Ship battles are more expensive than Botbattles but provide more rewards as well.

Ship battles preserve the battler logic of the Botfights and remain the turn-based strategical engagements.

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