Stable Economy Pillars


To ensure that in-game economy is self-sustaining Cryptobots employ a range of activities that take tokens out of the active circulation. They are native gameplay processes managed by the players as a part of in-game activities:

  • Ship construction

  • Bot upgrades

  • Alliances and production of consumables services

  • Lands and other assets purchase

  • Discovery

  • Bot and ship battles

All of them require a linear increase in resources involved. To perform these actions, players expend governance and in-game tokens, in return, they create additional value in NFT entities within the game.

Asset damage

To ensure the market properly satisfies the demand, all in-game assets can be damaged or lost, just as their real counterparts would. Every asset and its underlying NFT has a durability stat. When the durability reaches 0 players will need to replace their NFTs and Bot rosters as they will be no longer effective.

As the in-game economy grows, the technologies evolve and become more complex, thus increasing damage chances. This means that the greater the rewards, the more demanding the journey, and damage will be more likely to occur. Additionally, asset damage will become more likely as more assets enter the game.

Reward balancing

Every in-game activity bears not only a risk but also a reward. CryptoBots in-game analytics matches the last month's activities performed by players to the reward pool and performs live adjustment every set period.

Low population cases

In case the in-game economy is not populated, value creation becomes a more approachable activity driving players to increase the number of token transactions. Players are free to balance their time between activities in this case. If battle rewards are low, they can explore, if exploration is not profitable, they can begin producing resources.

Managed inflation

As the world progresses, so do the in-game items. Whenever something new is discovered: a bot, a ship, a production technology it will surely be better than what players had in the beginning. This creates a meta-driven gameplay situation where the state of the game constantly evolves making players adapt.

Approaching a game in this way creates a shifting balance that relies on the meta-items and power creep. Players in this economy are driven to perform in-game activities and constantly shift strategies to keep being successful in-game.


  • In-game economy that relies on player activity, not speculation

  • Constant updates through discovery shift the battle and economy requirements for the players

  • Economy works at every player population

  • Motivates towards shifting in-game activities to perform well

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