🤖How to start playing Cryptobots Game

  1. Install Wallet You need a wallet to store your NFT characters and game tokens. In this guide, we will go over Metamask which we recommend as the most popular crypto wallet on the market, but you can use any popular wallet that works with Wallet Сonnect integration.

Install Metamask and follow the simple steps to install it on the platform you will be playing (mobile on desktop): https://metamask.io/download/

If you are new to crypto, make sure you understand the importance of keeping your recovery phrase safe—it is a key to your wallet and it is super essential you keep it in the most secure place and never share it with anyone!

2. Top up balance You would need a minimum of 3 Cryptobots to start playing the game - to buy them, you first need to top up your balance.

You can buy Bots with MATIC. Click on the networks dropdown menu and switch to Polygon Mainnet.

After switching the network, select MATIC and click "Buy". You will then be directed to select the payment service you like with countless mayment methods.

3. Buy Cryptobots Every player has to own at least 3 Cryptobots - that is the minimum required to make a team and play on the arenas!

Go to the Cryptobots Game OpenSea page to buy the Bots - choose the Bots you like and click “Add to cart”. After you selected 3 Bots approve the connection of your wallet to OpenSea, approve the transaction, and wait a few minutes for the transaction to complete.

You can also buy Cryptobots directly on the in-game Marketplace - you would need BITS tokens for that purchase (see Step 4 below)

3. Display Bots After you added the Polygon network you need to add the Cryptobots NFTs to your wallet - that will make your NFTs display as tokens in your wallet.

To display the purchased Bot NFTs in your wallet you need to import them as a token. Go to the Cryptobots Game Polygonscan page and click “More” in the top right corner. Select the “Add token to web3 wallet” in the dropdown menu and approve it on Metamask.

You can now see your Cryptobots NFTs as tokens in your wallet.

4. Buy OIL and BITS tokens You would need OIL and BITS to cover your basic in-game fees and trade on the marketplace.

You can buy both tokens on the open market on the Quickswap platform by exchanging USDC for OIL or BITS.

First, you need to buy the USDC that will be exchanged for BITS or OIL. The process is similar to buying MATIC in step 2, but first you need to add the token to display on your wallet.

Go to the USDC Polygonscan page and click "Add token to Web3 wallet".

After you added USDC to your wallet, select it in your assets, click "Buy" and pay with any payment service convenient for you.

You now have the USDC to buy BITS and OIL with. To buy the tokens, go to the token exchange page and select the amount that you want to buy and the currency that you want to swap for OIL or BITS - then approve the transaction and wait for a little for it to confirm.

➡️ Buy OIL on Quickswap ➡️ Buy BITS on Quickswap

5. Display OIL and BITS The process is identical to adding the Cryptobots NFT tokens we covered a few steps up - go to the token pages on Polygonscan, click “Add token to web3 wallet” and then approve the addition in your wallet.

➡️ Link to add OIL token ➡️ Link to add BITS token

6. Install PWA Besides gaming on a desktop, you can also play Cryptobots on both, iOS and Android. To add Cryptobots to your phone’s home screen, go to the Cryptobots Game page through the mobile browser - please use Safari on iOS and Chrome on Android.

Click the Share button for Safari or click 3 dots in the top right corner for Chrome, then select “Add to home screen”.

The browser may prompt you to enter a name for the app before adding it - after that, the Cryptobots app will appear on your home screen.

Congrats - you are now all set to play and earn in Cryptobots Game - to further explore the game guides continue to explore the Gitbook pages for all info on stats and features and always feel free to drop a question to our friendly mods on Discord!

7. Read the game guides and play your first battle

Explore the Game Guides to get more familiar with the game features, models, stats, abilities, status effects, corporations and other game aspects.

It will help to learn how to dominate in battles, create the strongest Bots and Spaceships, and more!

Also check out the list of core Cryptobots mechanics to easier navigate around all the in-game activities!

8. Join an Alliance to get benefits

Alliances carry unique bonuses in the Cryptobots Game - they give access to a $50,000 tournament, grant a permanent boost to all battle rewards, allow players to use Scholarships, and give other juicy benefits!

Learn how to join an Alliance and explore all bonuses in the Alliance guide.

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