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A space strategy sim to end all space strategy sims!

A galaxy lies in front of you. Earth is a long-forgotten dream beyond the expansion sphere, but sometimes people do call each other terra-exiles. There’s no formal government, no one to provide any guidance. But what is found here are remnants of the technologies before: bots.

Here, disputes are solved by Botarmies with commanders at the helm. Winners get loot and territories, while losers get to keep their life. Maybe.

Moving bots into a battle is no easy task. You need a ship or even a navy. With crews and captains.

Planetary Alliances and governments issue orders to their armed forces and mercenaries. In the midst, traders, looters, and all other sorts of folks are making all different kinds of living.

The Player's primary objective is to expand their available resources. Starting with your wits and modest funds you’ll have to scrap yourself a Botbodyguard squad, perhaps, a ship.

From there on – you’re free to travel the stars, earn your keep and become the force that shapes this sector.

History, and law, are written by the victor. It’ll do you well to remember that.

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